Anti Discrimination & Harassment Training

Employers that fail to train their employees on how to prevent and address discrimination and harassment in the workplace face the possibility of being found liable to pay their employees very large sums of money. Employers that invest in the training benefit by decreasing their exposure to liability and damages and by improving the quality of their employment environment.

To avoid liability for harassment claims, employers should exercise reasonable care to prevent harassment before it happens. This means employers should establish an anti-harassment policy that is clear, prohibits harassment, prohibits retaliation, and is effective in its complaint process, investigation process, and corrective action. More importantly, however, employers should effectively communicate the information to employees.

Similarly, employers too often face liability for employment discrimination because management personnel are inadequately trained on practices such as hiring, providing discipline, and terminating employment. Again, employers can realize substantial benefits both in terms of reduced liability exposure and improved environment by providing adequate training to managers on issues related to equal employment opportunities.

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