Driver's License Suspensions

In Ohio, there are over 20 different ways you can be charged with driving under suspension. Some of the most common ways people are charged with driving under suspension are:

  1. Driving under suspension without current auto insurance - Ohio law refers to this as DUS FRA. It means Driving Under Suspension in Violation of the Financial Responsibility Act;
  2. Driving under a 12 point suspension - This means your Ohio driving record has accumulated 12 or more points within a two year period;
  3. Administrative License Suspension - This occurs in two different ways:
    • You refused a breath test during a drunk driving incident; or
    • You took the breath test and the result is at or above the prohibited level permitted by law;
  4. License suspension for failure to pay a fine or appear at another court for traffic offense; or
  5. Child support license suspension - If you fall behind on your child support, the Child Support Enforcement Agency will notify the BMV to suspend your license.

Each one of these charges is serious. They are all first degree misdemeanors which carry the possible penalties of 0 through 6 months in jail and fines between 0 and $1,000.00. And, you can get more time with a suspended license.

When you have a license suspended, you are dealing with not only the judge, police, and prosecutor, but also the bureau of motor vehicles. This is a complex path to navigate. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can help you handle all of these. For instance, under certain circumstances, many local courts permit you to apply for a diversion program. If you successfully complete the diversion program, many times it will result in a complete dismissal of the original driving under suspension charge. Or, depending on the type of suspension, you may be eligible to immediately get driving privileges from the court.

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